Radmin – Laravel Admin starter with REST API, User Roles & Permission

Are you stuck with setting up an admin panel in laravel? Radmin Laravel starter will be the best solution for you.

REST API, Advanced user, roles & permission management , Serverside Datatable, Datatable Edit and Export( CSV, EXCEL, PRINT, PDF, COPY),Cache Clear, XSS protection and many more features.

Radmin uses Themekit bootstrap 4 admin template with advanced form elements, chat wizard, charts, widgets and 30+ other glamorous plugins. It has an eye catching user interface for laravel 7.

Responsive design for all type of devices and works on all major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and all other smart phone devices.

live demo: http://radmin.rakibhstu.com/login


Super Admin: admin@test.com
HR: hr@test.com
Project Manager: pm@test.com
Sales Manager: sm@test.com

Password: 1234