Classifieds Plus

ClassifiedsPlus is an extremely lightweight and fully featured Classified Ads CMS suited for high traffic websites. This script was created with the goal of being extremely fast to load and flexible to customize.

Classifed Ads Features Overview

  • All native PHP code with a simple structural framework, any person with even a very basic PHP knowledge is able to quickly understand what’s going on and make modifications
  • Fast page load times
  • Configurable billing plans (free, paid, one time payment, monthly, annual, featured listing)
  • Google Maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, HERE, TomTom, Wikimedia Maps compatible
  • Geolocation support (HTML 5 API)
  • Coupons
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe
  • Custom fields per category or global
  • Claim listings so you can populate your site with listings then let business owners claim and pay for the listing
  • Contact owner form for each listing
  • Search by custom field
  • Create static pages and blog posts using TinyMCE
  • Built-in contact page (contact site owner) with form to email
  • Templating system
  • Rating system
  • User comments
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter and email account
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Responsive design looks good on mobile and desktop
  • SEO optmized, friendly URLs, user-defined meta descriptions
  • Translations files in plain text format (editable in notepad or similar) including the admin area
  • Fast support

Bootstrap based design

ClassifiedsPlus uses the Bootstrap 4 layout grid, its components and utilities extensively and it has a very neutral theme that can easily adapt to several business types. This also makes it easy for third party designers to make layout modifications because they only need to be familiar with the Bootstrap framework.

Custom Fields

ClassifiedsPlus allows you to create “Custom Fields” on the category level or create global custom fields. For example, for listings in the Real Estate category you can create custom fields like number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, area, year built, etc. For listings in the Cars category, custom fields like brand, transmission type, model year, etc are possible.All these fields are searchable and can be used to filter listings during search operations.

Monetize Your Site

Flexible pricing plans allows you to create one time payments as well as monthly and annual recurring subscriptions. Current payment gateways supported are:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Claim Listings

With this feature you can kickstart your site by creating listings and let business owners claim and pay for the listings so that they can edit, correct and add additional information.

Create Pages

ClassifiedsPlus comes with a simple blog system that allows you to create blog posts and pages and uses the popular TinyMCE wysiwyg editor. You can define whether to show a post in the feed, if not, it will be a stand alone page.

Map Providers

ClassifiedsPlus supports multiple map providers: Mapbox, HERE, TomTom, Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. You can choose one or multiple ones. If you select multiple map providers ClassifiedsPlus will randomly select one on every page load.


Allow sellers to create coupons for deals and discounts. Users can browse all coupons available on the site.

Fast Loading Times

ClassifiedsPlus was designed with loading speed in mind. All pages load fast, including the admin area which will almost never show you spinning animations that impact your productivity.

Fully Brandable

ClassifiedsPlus is a standalone PHP system that doesn’t require any other CMS platform. If you are building a classifieds system for your client, it will not show that you are using another platform such as WordPress.

User Guide

Please access the user guide at:

Fully functional demo

You can see a fully functional demo, loaded with hundreds of listings where you are able to register an account, confirm it, sign in, see the user area and even submit listings.


  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL 5.6.*+ (Requires FULLTEXT search in InnoDB)

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