ArtVenue: Image Sharing Community Script

ArtVenue is a community script for sharing images. Unique link to user profile, image gallery, favorites, most frequently used tags, counter for the total number of images, comments, subscribers. Unique RSS link for each user. Registration options: a user can register using an email address, Facebook and Google support for instant login, email confirmation is required to protect against spam. Functions of the admin panel: a list of all users, track inactive users without activity for a month, a list of all images, a list of all comments, the administrator can edit any user profile, manage reports, clear the cache at any time to refresh the site.

User Profile Features

  • Unique Username: Each user has unique username
  • Unique Profile: link: Unique profile link with there username
  • Image Gallery: Gallery of all the images shared by a user
  • Favorites: Gallery of all the favorited images
  • Most used tags: Profile page display most used tags
  • Followers: List of all the followers
  • Following: List all the following
  • Counter: Counter for number of images shared – number of comments – number of followers
  • Social Link: Users can share there fb – tw – blog links
  • RSS: Unique rss link for each user

Limits Settings Features

  • Limit number of images user can upload per day
  • Limit maximum image size a user can upload
  • Limit maximum number of tags image can have
  • Limit number of image in gallery to control pagination
  • Admin can set site as auto approve or approval required
  • Allow download original image or not or leave upto to user

Registration Features

  • User can register by there email address
  • Support for Facebook and Google connect for instant login
  • Email confirmation is required to protect from spams
  • Support dual facebook && google + username login

Admin Panel Features

  • List of all the users at one place
  • Track inactive users with no activity over a month
  • List of all images
  • List of all comments
  • Admin can edit any users profile
  • Admin can users
  • Admin can edit image description and title
  • Admin can delete any image
  • Admin can make user and images as featured
  • List of all featured images at one place
  • List of all featured users at one place
  • Managing reports
  • Edit FAQ – Privacy – About us pages
  • Admin can add as many as category he/she wants
  • Clear cache at any time to refresh the site

Upload Features

  • Multiple – Drag and Drop – Clipboard upload
  • Mass upload to populate your website

Security Features

  • Email Confirmation to protect from spams
  • Unique download link of images each time page refresh
  • CSRF Protection: Protection from CSRF
  • XSS: Protection from cross site scripting
  • SQL Injection: 100 % SQL Injection safe using late binding
  • Secure Bcrypt password hashing

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.5.9 or Greater
  • GD or Imagick
  • Curl
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

Check your server comparability using :- Server test script

Demo ( Visit )

  • Live demo site ArtVenue Demo ( some features are disabled )
  • Demo Login 1 : username = test : password = testuser
  • Demo Login 2 : username = test2 : password = testuser
  • Visit Admin Panel after Login

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